Even Flow Bins

Unloading efficiency...

The Even Flow Bin has been improving unloading efficiency at storages across North America for over 25 years.  Unload the product of two or more bulk beds into the Even Flow and then evenly meter the flow of product over the Eliminator and into storage.  Offering bins in 300 to 1000 sack capacities to meet the needs of all growers.  The bin filling mechanism, available in 36 inch to 60 inch widths, is completely automated eliminating the need for an operator.  The unloading belt utilizes the proven Bulk Bed unloading technology using hydraulic torque to unload the optional 36 or 42 inch belt.

MDL 1800 Even Flow Bin 600 Sack Capacity

MDL 1000 Even Flow Bin 1000 Sack Capacity